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Attorney Lisa Kraemer knows that are many misconceptions about prenuptial agreements and marital agreements. Some people think that these contracts are just for the very wealthy, while others assume that engaged couples would only sign one if they planned to get divorced. To the contrary, a man or women about to get married who signs a prenuptial agreement tells their future spouse that they are honest and open about finances and wish to plan for the future.

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Prenuptial Agreements · Marital Agreements · Co-habitation Agreements

At the Law Office of Lisa Kraemer, the goal is to help couples who are marrying for the first time – or second or third time – to characterize their financial rights and benefits as they enter into marriage. Prenuptial or premarital agreements are signed before marriage. Couples who are already married can enter into marital agreements or post-nuptial agreements to establish property rights and other benefits. Couples living together without marrying can use co-habitation agreements to do the same.

All these agreements serve to settle questions and establish a plan for property division, spousal support or alimony, inheritance, or transfer of assets should the marriage end because of the death of one spouse, separation or divorce. If parties cannot agree to provisions regarding custody of their children or future child support, Lisa Kraemer can explain your options and how a prenuptial agreement can protect your best interests as you plan to marry.

Handling Complex Agreements to Protect Clients’ Best Interests

Without a marital or prenuptial agreement, in the event of a divorce your assets and property can be divided in any manner or awarded to whomever the court chooses. Quite simply, a prenuptial agreement provides a legal way for a couple to follow their own plan. A marital contract can ensure that your children from a previous marriage receive their inheritance if your new marriage ends in divorce. Remember, you and your future spouse should be represented by your own lawyers when negotiating the provisions of an agreement.

Family law attorney Lisa Kraemer has assisted engaged couples in Cleveland and northeast Ohio for more than 35 years. She has built a reputation as an advocate for the best interests of her clients, and she skillfully drafts prenuptial agreements and other marital agreements. For assistance in protecting your best interests as you negotiate prenuptial agreements with your future spouse, call the Law Office of Lisa Kraemer at (216) 502-3920 or contact the firm by e-mail.