Cleveland Modifications Lawyer

When your divorce was finalized, certain things were ordered by the court:

  • Child custody
  • Visitation
  • Child support
  • Perhaps alimony/support

These are important matters and a court order must be taken seriously. Do not move away with a child or change the amount you are paying without consulting an attorney, and getting the approval of the court. If you are found in contempt of a court order, you could find yourself in jail.

The law takes particular care of children. They need the financial support and the emotional support of both parents.

However, “the only constant is change.”

Child Support

If you have lost a job or had an involuntary reduction in income, you may now be struggling to pay the amount ordered by the court and this amount can be changed. If the child’s needs have changed, or your ex’s financial situation has improved, the burden may warrant shifting.

Child Custody

Courts support both parents having parenting time, with arrangements including joint custody or shared custody, and at least visitation time. In some circumstances one parent may no longer be fit due to drug or alcohol problems, or incarceration. Emotional instability can pose a danger to a child and warrant a change in the custody order.


If spousal support was ordered, this too is subject to change. If the ex-spouse has remarried or achieved financial independence, the payor need not continue to pay.

Remember that a “substantial change of circumstances” is required in order to obtain a modification. Contact Chagrin Falls child custody modifications attorney Lisa Kraemer at (216) 502-3920for more information.