Cleveland Child Custody Disputes Attorney

There is no issue in divorce more contentious than child custody. Being separated from one’s children can seem like a nightmare, but the fear of this happening is usually unjustified.

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The options today are more varied than a generation ago. Your children may even have two homes with shared custody, with toys and all they need to be comfortable. Sole custody is less and less common.

You may have heard that the “best interests of the child” dictate decisions of the courts. The courts are in agreement that both parents should maintain a strong bond with their children. You will have to work with your ex-spouse for years to come. Therefore, reducing the animosity is essential.

Litigation or Mediation

Lisa Kraemer can fulfill the role of advocate for you in court or in mediation. But she can also serve as an unbiased mediator. She is a certified mediator, having completed the Mediation and Conflict Training Program. She also has a master’s degree in conflict resolution.

She has spent much of her career mediating divorces and other family law disputes. She is highly regarded in the field of mediation, achieving settlement rates as high as 95 percent. Her ability to identify the shared interests of the parties and achieve results amicably has set her apart.

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