Cleveland Child Support Attorney

Cleveland Family Law Attorney Handling Child Support and Visitation Matters

A Compassionate and Comprehensive Approach

Some of the most important issues surrounding children in a divorce action after child custody are the matters of child support and visitation. Settling these issues can be complicated, emotional and lengthy. It is important to have a family law attorney on your side who understands your needs and can help you reach an amicable agreement.

With more than 35 years of helping families, the Law Office of Lisa R. Kraemer is here to help you navigate through the child support and visitation process so that you can feel your needs have been met and your children will be provided for and protected. Child support attorney Lisa Kraemer is here to help everyone in your family move forward using her compassionate and comprehensive approach. To speak with her about your child support and visitation needs, please contact us online or call (216) 502-3920 to schedule an appointment today.

Helping You Plan Parenting Time Through Visitation Agreements

As part of a parenting plan, many Ohio courts require that visitation schedules be worked out before a final divorce decree is issued by the courts. Divorce lawyer Lisa Kraemer will help you work out a plan for parenting time that takes everyone’s needs and schedules into account. Whether this is an issue resolved during mediation or through complex negotiation, she will be by your side to ensure your goals are met and your desires are represented and aggressively pursued.

Ensuring Fair Children Support Solutions

Family law attorney Lisa Kraemer will also help you figure out child support payments according to Ohio laws. Her knowledge and experience can help families come to creative schedules including specifying certain payments for items such as education, health care, college tuition, summer camp as well as after school extracurricular activities in a divorce agreement. Her mission is to make sure that the children’s lifestyle is maintained and that the parents are in agreement about who will cover each expense.

Lisa Kraemer also handles modifications that may be needed to child support and visitation agreements. She understands that sometimes circumstances change which requires these issues to revisited and revamped. Contact her online or by calling (216)502-3920 to discuss your legal needs and options.