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Divorce lawyer Lisa Kraemer is committed to achieving the best results possible for her clients, whether inside or outside of the courtroom. She wants to provide you with realistic advice that will address your legal and personal needs now and into the future.

With more than 35 years of experience comes great familiarity with the court personnel and other lawyers who practice family law in the Greater Cleveland area. Lisa Kraemer has spent years developing a positive reputation among other attorneys in the area, and they know and respect her work. Her extensive experience allows her to better identify and respond to her clients’ needs related to divorce and other family law disputes.

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The Law Office of Lisa Kraemer is conveniently located just outside the congestion of downtown Cleveland, in close proximity to Interstates 271, 480 and 90, with free parking. Lisa Kraemer strives to remain in close contact with all her clients, so answers to your questions are never far away.

Family law attorney Lisa Kraemer is available to help you. She wants to provide you with guidance and legal advice that will exceed your goals and expectations. Call Lisa Kraemer at 216-502-3920 today or contact her firm by email.